Monday, January 12, 2009

Seiko Diver 6105-8110

I always like the vintage chunky diver watch. This pacticular seiko 2nd generation with large asymmetrical cushion cases 6105-8110 are now getting more popular. This watch is equipped with 6105b movement with hacking. When acquire this watch I was amazed by its size which measured at 45mm across.

The crown use the turn and lock mechanism which I find quite a clever design. The Designer of the crown must have thought of it to ensure the survivor of this pacticular watch. I see a lot of 6309 or later diver with good case but with damaged thread of screw down crown.

The bezel is bidirectional with the click ball bearing and rely on friction o ring for tension. The bezel also looks thinner than the later seiko diver and it looks sexier.

My watch maker called the movement 6105 as bullet proof, simple to service and amazingly accurate. Even after few decades the movement needs no parts changing when service. This 6105b have quick set date. There is no manual winding on this movement.

This watch use mineral glass which I found quite annoying to removed the scratch. I now know why all vintage seiko with mineral glass tend to sell very cheap on the market because most have the glass blurred out. One way to check the dial condition is to use your saliva or water on the blurred glass.

My seiko still retained original dial, hands & bezel insert. Im just happened to like the patina looks.

If I have the chance to ask its designer, my question will be why made the lugs width 19mm? Why not 20mm or 22mm? Even when I put on the new seiko z20 strap I have to filed or cut the strap to 19mm.

Now I fitted it with the oyster type bracelet but feel quite heavy on my wrist.

I like this watch because it has serve it purpose as a usable timepiece tools not because of some movies star or celebrities wear it. Francis Ford Coppola wants to potray seiko 6105 in the movies 'Apocalypse Now' because its popular especially among American Soldiers in Vietnam who bought them cheap at the PX which happened to be starred by Martin Sheen. Martin Sheen dont give a damn about the watch the Soldiers did!

The 6105 divers were issued to one of the U.S. Navy Seal teams in the 1960's.

The Swedish also issued the 6105 to their forces at that time.

Noami Uemura was the first person ever to reach the North Pole solo, the first ever to raft the Amazon solo, and the first ever to climb Mount McKinley solo used the Seiko 6105 as his expedition watch.

Eddie Aikau Hawaiian Hero lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu, he saved many lives and became famous for surfing the big Hawaiian surf, winning several awards including the 1977 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship also used the seiko 6105.

And many other 6105 user that find it very useful and always have a story to tell on their 6105!


  1. I like your 6105 ;) how much did you bought it?

  2. Nice vintage classic diver Seiko watch, but i mostly collect rare retro seiko quartz LCD alarm chronograph watches from 70s and old seiko digital calculator watches.